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How it works

Earn Invest is a copy trading solution that enables investors to copy the trades of experienced traders. Investors can employ their funds without being required to make prompt decisions on their own. At the same time traders have the opportunity to earn additional income in the form of commission as a reward for successful trades made by investors through copy trading.

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The service offers
a range of features

  • No restrictions

    Start or stop copying trades and manage your funds at any time. It's all about flexibility and control.

  • Automatic

    Copied trades are instantly duplicated in your portfolio. The volume of a trading transaction on the investor account is calculated based on a specific ratio, and also the relation between the investor’s equity and trader’s equity.

  • Free of charge

    No additional fees for using copytrading for investors. The company's service fee is 5% of the reward and it is paid by Trader.

  • Save Time

    Efficiently manage your portfolio without the need to constantly monitor the markets.

  • Invest with ease

    Acquire the same assets Traders invest in for themselves.

  • Leverage the traders expertise

    Tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience by following the trading patterns.

  • Why replicate traders?

    Invest like our most successful traders: simply select an investor to copy, and whenever they trade, you do too.

Who are our traders?

Unique trading profile
Choose a Trader from our Rating, each with its own unique strategy, risk profile, and transparent track record.
Positive performance
To qualify as a Trader, our current clients must demonstrate a minimum of one month of positive trading statistics, among other conditions.
Limited drawdown
To be featured in the Rating, Trader’s weekly drawdown must remain below 30% over the past six months.
Trading restriction
Any trades lasting less than 60 seconds might be excluded from the copy trading process. It's a precaution to ensure that you're copying well-considered moves rather than quick market blinks.
Fixed and transparent commission
Let's say, an Investor links their $10,000 account to a Trader with a 10% commission fee and sets a 100% copy ratio. The trader opens a 0.5 lot EUR/USD buy position at 1.12, and closes it at 1.13, making a $500 profit. The investor gains $1,000, and the trader's $100 reward (10%) goes into the commission retention account, later distributed during settlement.


  • Common information
  • Investor
  • What is Earn invest?

    Earn Invest is a copy trading solution that enables investors to automatically replicate the trading actions of experienced traders in real-time. It allows an Investor to follow a Trader’s strategy and potentially benefit from their expertise. The Trader, in return, if during the accounting period the accumulated result of transactions copied to an Investor Account is positive, gets a commission reward set on the profit.

  • Is copy trading risk-free?

    No, copy trading is not risk-free. It is important to keep in mind that all trading and investment activities carry inherent risks and the value of investments can go up or down. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct your own research, understand the risks involved and consider your own risk tolerance before participating in the Earn Invest project.

  • Is there a cost to using the Earn invest service?

    Using Earn Invest does not incur additional charges. You will be subject to regular spreads, swaps, and trading commissions related to your trades. Additionally, a commission for each profitable trade is paid to the selected Trader. This commission, carrying the comment 'cmsn lock', is charged in the Investor Account and is reserved in a separate retention account. The funds accrued in the retention account are later distributed between the Investor and Trader during the settlement procedure.

  • What is a retention account?

    A retention account is a special account in which commission is accrued on profitable trades copied to an Investor Account. The accumulated commission is distributed between an Investor and Trader while carrying out the settlement procedure. A retention account is meant to protect the Investor's and Trader's interests as the Investor is not able to withdraw the funds payable to the Trader, and the Trader is not able to receive a bigger commission reward than the reward the Trader is entitled based on the total performance results over an accounting period.

  • How is the settlement procedure between an investor and trader carried out?

    Settlement between an Investor and Trader is carried out in the set period provided that there are no open replicated positions on the Investor Account. The Trader's reward is a part of the profit accrued from the copied trades on the Investor's Account. It is charged from the retention account and credited to the Trader's trading account, carrying a comment as follows: "cmsn from." The rest of the funds in the retention account are returned to the Investor Account, carrying a comment as follows: "cmsn return."

  • What is a commission refund to investor?

    Means partial refund of the commission accrued by the Trader during the settlement procedure via transfer to the Investor Account. Returns of commission to an Investor are executed via a balance transaction to the Investor Account with a comment as follows: "cmsn return from Trader Account Number".

  • Who is a provider of trading signals?

    A trading account from which trading transactions are replicated (copied) to other trading accounts connected to this trading account via the Earn Invest service.

  • What is a replication of trading transactions?

    It means copying of trading transactions from the Trader Account to a respective trading account of an Investor.

  • Can I stop copying a trader at any time?

    Yes, you have full control over your Copytrading settings, allowing you to start or stop copying a Trader at any time. You can also adjust your trading strategy or disconnect from a Trader whenever you choose.

  • How can I get started with Earn invest as an investor?

    To use the copy trading service you need to have an approved account. After that, you can open an investor account, choose a Trader to follow, and allocate funds to mirror the trader’s trades. To open an Investor Account:

    • Register a Client Login and open a trading account with Earn;
    • In the 'Investments' section, select the Earn Invest menu item;
    • Complete the Earn Invest questionnaire;
    • Select a trading account that you wish to register as an Investor Account;
    • Connect to a trader by entering the trader’s nickname or contract number;
    • Press the 'Find' button;
    • Read the information about the Trader and his commission reward, then press the 'Next' button;
    • In the window that has appeared, set your copying rate and press 'Confirm'.
  • How do I choose a trader to copy?

    Traders can be found on the company's website under the 'Services' tab > Copytrading > Rating. There, you can access information about the Traders’ profile, performance, and risk levels. This allows you to identify a Trader whose strategy aligns with your investment objectives.

  • Why can an investor account be only linked to one trader account?

    An Investor Account is limited to being linked to a single Trader Account to ensure optimal financial transparency in the interaction between the Investor and Trader within Earn Invest. To create a portfolio of Traders it is advised to open multiple Investor Accounts, each connected to the respective Traders you wish to include.

  • How are trades copied from a trader account?

    Trading transactions are copied to an Investor Account, starting with a new trading transaction executed by a Trader Account.

    Pending orders are not copied to an Investor Account. Copying of trading transactions executed in the Trader Account via pending orders is carried out at the moment the respective orders are activated.

    The volume of a trading transaction copied by Investor is calculated based on the ratio of the Investor's funds to the Trader's funds:

    Volume of investor's transaction = Ratio х Investor's funds Trader's funds x Volume of trader's transaction

    The funds include the account balance, unrealized result on open positions, and credits if these are provided by the company.

  • Can an investor control trades that were copied from a trader account?

    Yes. If an Investor has changed any parameter (StopLoss, TakeProfit) of an open trade or has partly closed an open position, the management of that trade shifts to the Investor. This means that closing of this trade will not be carried out when a corresponding transaction is executed on the Trader Account, and the Investor will be responsible for monitoring and manually closing this trade it by himself.

  • What happens if the trader I'm copying changes their strategy?

    If the Trader you are copying changes their strategy, it will impact the trades that are copied to your account. It is important to monitor the performance and actions of the Trader to ensure that it continues to align with your investment goals. If there are significant changes in their approach that do not suit your preferences, you may need to reassess your copy trading settings or consider disconnecting from that Trader.

  • How do I track my performance within Earn invest?

    Earn provides comprehensive tools to monitor and analyse your copy trading performance. You can access detailed statistics on your copied trades within your MT account.

  • How can I disconnect my Investor Account from a Trader Account?

    To disconnect an Investor Account from a Trader Account:

    • Navigate to the ‘Earn Invest’ menu in your Client Login, located within the 'Investments' section.
    • Choose the trading account you wish to disconnect from a Trader Account.
    • Click the 'Disconnect Trader' button and confirm the action in the pop-up window.

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