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NICOSIA, August 2023 – Earn is thrilled to announce an innovative collaboration that will empower traders with unparalleled insights and opportunities. By joining forces with Signal Centre by Acuity, Earn offers clients a revolutionary trading experience that combines human expertise with advanced AI technology.

Earn, a leading name in trading services, is partnering with Signal Centre by Acuity to revolutionise the way traders approach the markets. The cutting-edge Signal Centre platform leverages AI technology to analyze and visualize real-time news data, revealing hidden patterns and correlations. These insights can unlock alternative trading ideas and position traders ahead of the curve. Service is now available to all clients of Earn via both web format and the installation of EA to MT4 or MT5.

Acuity, the parent company of PIA First (an FCA-regulated company) embodies the fusion of AI and human expertise, ensuring compliance and rapid insights. The Signal Centre platform harnesses AI's capabilities to aggregate and dissect global news content, helping traders navigate complexities efficiently. Signal Centre acknowledges the paramount significance of timing in trading. Its teams of experts and market professionals generate daily trading recommendations that encompass buy and sell ideas, entry levels, target levels, and stop loss levels. By receiving real-time insights, traders can seize unique opportunities and make swift decisions aligned with their preferences. 

Ilya Frolov, Head of Portfolio Management at Earn,

Says Signal Center generates a flow of key trading ideas that cover technical patterns, news and social sentiment behaviors which can benefit many: “Partnership with Signal Centre and Acuity ushers in a new era of trading possibilities for our clients. This collaboration delivers AI-powered tools and comprehensive market insights, ensuring compliance and offering trusted research and trade signals.”

Acuity CEO Andrew Lane;

"Signal Centre offers a streamlined solution for Earn's clients by efficiently filtering out market noise and pinpointing trading opportunities. It produces entry points, resistance levels, and other essential data for a diverse range of assets, such as indices, stocks, currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies."

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